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CEREC Crowns
Beaverton, OR

African American Woman Smiling after her dental work at Summercrest Dental in Beaverton, OROur team at Summercrest Dental is always ready to fit your teeth with CEREC crowns. Thanks to increasingly advanced technology in the dental industry, you can now spend less time at our dentist’s office. The Computer Aided Designing (CAD) system allows for your crown to be fixed within a single day’s appointment. With this new application, there is no longer a need for a temporary crown while you wait to come for your next visit, because everything can be completed within the same day.

CEREC crowns are a unique way to help restore your tooth to its initial stature and function. The choice of what you want solely depends on you. You may decide to walk away with a same day crown or a traditional crown. More often than not, this may be dictated by cost and convenience, not to mention the taste of every individual.

Reasons for CEREC Crowns

There are numerous benefits associated with these kinds of crowns. CEREC crowns are time saving. While most dental procedures require at least two or more visits, CEREC one day crowns are a single appointment process. Busy people may find it ideal as they meet their dental needs without the fuss of having to seek permission from work more than once to get time off for a dental appointment. At the same time, it is less costly in terms of transportation cost from repeat visits and the expense of temporary crowns. In terms of comfort, you will skip the unease of temporary crowns. Most users of temporary crowns often cite their discomfort, which you can easily avoid.

When you have tooth problems, it is preferable to find a quick solution. CEREC crowns restore your smile fast. They also reduce the risk of injury from temporarily fitted crowns. You do not have to wait several days or weeks for a permanent solution before regaining functionality with CEREC. As soon as you are through with the procedure, you are able to speak, eat, and smile.

Preparation for CEREC Crown Procedure

If you choose to have a single day operation, you will inform our office dentist about it. The dentist will take a scan of the tooth using a tiny camera. This device is so small you will barely feel its presence in your mouth. With the assistance of a computer, a crown will be molded at the lab using the information from the CAD camera. These advanced devices offer very precise information so that the eventual crown fits perfectly.

CEREC crowns have their downsides as well. While the procedure is a same day process, its eventual outcome does not shine as much as that of traditional crowns. They replicate the tooth of course, but a traditional crown offers a brighter smile. At the same time, fractures at the lower part of the gumline may not be captured by the CAD camera. In that case, a CEREC crown may not be best for these kinds of conditions. Traditional crowns are also stronger and resist wear and tear better than CEREC crowns. All in all, they are still a good way to restore your tooth when time is a factor.

For more information concerning CEREC crowns, do not hesitate to contact our team for a consultation. Call us at Summercrest Dental at (503) 649-7701 today to book your appointment.

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For more information concerning CEREC crowns, do not hesitate to contact our team for a consultation. Call us at Summercrest Dental today to book your appointment.
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